NRA Liability Insurance vs. Complete No-Fault Insurance Costs

The NRA offers liability insurance for gun owners.  With the $100,000 limit and self-defence coverage the cost is $180.00 per year.  It only covers liability after the injured person wins a law suit and has many exclusions.  The self-defense part is by a separate endorsement.  It is excess liability so if the gun owners homeowners insurance pay NRA insurance will not.  It does, however, cover the individual owner and any number of guns owned or used by that person.

The calculation in the post on this Blog Gun Insurance Would Not Be Expensive shows that complete insurance covering all gun deaths and injuries including those from lost and stolen guns should cost an average of less than $60.00 per gun.  It would be no fault and have generous limits and make a profit for the insurance companies.

The NRA is no doubt making a very large profit on their insurance due to the limited situations covered by their excess liability insurance.  Insurance that covers all situations and which pays the injured person rather than defends the gun owner in lawsuits would be a better deal for the gun owner and for society.

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