National Assn. of Mutual Insurance Co’s Against Gun Insurance.

In a opinion article on Property Casualty 360 titled “Major Misfire” Paul Tetrault, state and policy affairs counsel for NAMIC, denounced the move in seven states and Congress to require insurance on guns.  He repeated the statements that insurance cannot cover intentional acts.  This blog has several times published numerous examples of current insurance that does cover intentional and even criminal acts to the benefit of parties other than the person who does the acts.  This was pointed out to NAMIC but their spokesperson emailed that the organization stands behind the article.

One thought on “National Assn. of Mutual Insurance Co’s Against Gun Insurance.

  1. While they may not want to cover an intentional act, what about the upstream issues of liability – that an owner did not properly secure his weapons in his home or car.

    And that policy does nothing to address incidents like Tuesday’s five year old killing a two year old, or last months six year old killing a four year old or from the day before a five year old picking up a deputy sheriff’s gun and shooting and killing the deputy’s wife.

    Insurance companies don’t want it because their very sharp actuarials have figured out that there is more liability than the gravy train of 80million new policies would match.

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