Mandatory Gun Insurance in other countries

If you have information especially links to English translations of gun laws in other countries please send them to me.  ( or make a comment to this post.  I have found some information about insurance of 100,000 euros being required in Portugal.  In Germany the amount is one million euros and the law (link to German Weapons Law)  says:

Section 4
Requirements for a licence

(1) In order to be granted a licence, applicants shall

1. be at least 18 years of age (Section 2 (1)),

2. have the necessary reliability (Section 5) and personal aptitude (Section 6),

3. demonstrate the necessary specialized knowledge (Section 7),

4. demonstrate a need (Section 8), and

5. enclose proof of liability insurance cover of one million euros for personal injury and property damage when applying for a weapons licence or shooting licence.

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