Gun Research Limits are an Affront to Me and I Take It Personally

I’ve been writing for a short while about my ideas on how to deal with guns and the deaths and injuries they cause through insurance.  I am thinking about how we could have a solution that would eliminate most of the carnage, but still allow people to have what they want in a less dangerous way.  I do appreciate the fun that people have as a valuable thing no matter where it comes from.  Life seems to be double peaked about that, fun when you’re young, then several decades of being serious and then you realize that life is about the experiences you have. 

So, when I see the most vocal of the pro-gun people go purple with rage if they think someone is going to take their guns away, I know how they feel.  And that just how I feel about having my access to the knowledge of my world being blocked.  My first amendment rights are being infringed and the first amendment is first and before the second amendment. 

What need to be done about guns is not simple and needs great thought.  It’s just that they cause great pain and suffering and that must stop.  People who have an investment of their time and interest in guns are entitled to have their views taken into consideration. The NRA, on the other hand, is an organization that is willing to destroy any of the great traditions of our country for its narrow purpose.  They would trade all of America’s freedoms for some tiny increase in gun sales.

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