Firearm Risk Protection Act introduced in Congress H.R. 1369

For details on the recommendations by this blogger on how to implement this bill and have this insurance see my the April 2 post on Daily Kos

A bill titled the Firearm Risk Protection Act  has been introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney in the national Congress. As of March 29, 2013 there is not text available on Congress.Gov but the bill has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary. Rep. Maloney’s press release states that the bill will impose a $10,000 fine if an owner does not have the required coverage. It exempts service members and law officers.

Other details have yet to be developed. Rep. Maloney’s press aide stated that in a phone call and email that “like all legislation, it was meant to start a conversation about national priorities” and welcomed input to the process. This blogger will certainly be following the bill and recommending that it be done in a way that provides the maximum protection to victims. It’s likely that the bill authors have in mind a relatively simple model of Liability insurance which could be improved by adding provisions to:

  1. Follow guns as they are lost or stolen
  2. Eliminate provisions to limit coverage for intentional acts
  3. Eliminate requirements for negligence by gun owners
  4. Require steps it aid identification of the responsible weapon

The bill has 8 cosponsors so far:

  1. Keith Ellison MN-5
  2. Eleanor Holmes Norton DC
  3. Michael E. Capuano MA-7 20
  4. James P. Moran VA-8
  5. Bobby Rush IL-1
  6. Niki Tsongas MA-3
  7. Stephen F. Lynch MA-8 202-225-8273
  8. Earl Blumenaur OR-3 202-225-4811

One thought on “Firearm Risk Protection Act introduced in Congress H.R. 1369

  1. Is congress trying to invite an all out rebellion? We could also make people have insurance who drink alcohol. Because they might drive and kill an entire family. We are taking note of all who sponsored this Bill. You will not be allowed to attempt to infringe on the 2nd amendment financially or otherwise without serious voter turnout opposing you. Do you think thugs in inner cities who commit the vast majority of crime in the US who bought their guns on the black market will get insurance? No, it will tax people’s constitutional right to bear arms. This proposed bill will have the opposite affect, polarizing moderates like myself to strongly oppose all anti gun legislation and politicians.

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