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Eugene Robinson has an article “Stop the gun madness” in the Washington Post opinion section.  It calls for regulation but does not mention regulation.  It’s of interest to this blog because of the flood of comments.  There are over 2000 comments in about 24 hours as of 4:45 EST on Jan 1, 2013 and it is getting several comments a minute.  A rough scan of the comments shows a mixture with more in favor of increased regulation.  I think this reflects Robinson’s usual readership but is different than the bulk of comments in other places which are typically hostle and opposed to all gun regulation.  It raises the question of whether the dialog will permenently change after Newtown.

One thought on “Comments flood Eugene Robinson Washington Post Opinion

  1. I find it amazing that intelligent and educated individuals can even entertain the idea that limiting my right to purchase whatever gun I want is in any way going to reduce gun violence or mass murder here in the united states. We seem destined to repeat history? In 1920 Americans decided that alcohol was causing all the evil in our country and demanded their representatives and their President in Washington do something. They responded by banning and making illegal alcohol and they called it Prohibition. Prohibition was in existence for 13 years and finally it was repealed because it was a dismal failure. Another cry came from our citizens in 1969 and President Nixon pushed a program that was called the War on Drugs. This program has seen the incarceration of millions of our citizen. It has cost our taxpayers billions of dollars and it is also a dismal failure. Why were these programs such a dismal failure? They failed because the root cause was never addressed. Alcohol, drugs and now guns are not the problem. The root cause of the problem is that there are individuals in our society that will abuse alcohol, drugs and guns. We allow mentally disturbed individuals to roam our streets where they can purchase guns or any other means to commit mass murder. We let individuals who commit crimes with guns, again and again, off with a slap on the wrist. How many time do you hear on TV of so and so being arrested for an armed crime and that this individual has a long criminal history. Isn’t is obvious that our present justice system is not a deterrent? Isn’t it obvious the approach that we have concerning the mentally ill in our society is not working and that it is putting us and our children in danger? Remove the root cause, a certain segment of our society, from the equation and alcohol, drugs and guns become a mute subject. What if the individual in the Newtown school shooting or the Aurora movie shooting had walked in with a backpack filled with 50 lbs. of ammonia nitrate that was soaked with diesel, a detonating device and set it off? Many more would have been killed under those circumstances. Until the root cause is addressed, it will make no difference what is done: mass murder will continue. It is much easier to attack my right to own any firearm I want than it is to attack the rights of the mentally ill. I own a gun. It has not committed mass murder or an armed crime. More to the point, neither have I. One has only to look at Mexico and figure that strict gun control does not work. Mexico has one of the highest murder by gun rates in the world. All of the guns used in the tens of thousands gun murders in Mexico are done with illegal guns. Do you really think by prohibiting me from legally buying an AR-15 is in any way going to reduce the gun violence associated with the billion dollar illegal drug business? Do you really think that by prohibiting me from buying 30 round clips is in any way going to reduce our national suicide rate? Prohibiting me from buying whatever gun I want is going to be as successful in stopping gun violence as the War on Drugs has been successful kepting any individual from buying any illegal drug they want.
    Tom Clark
    Albuquerque, NM

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