Questions and Answers on Mandating Gun Insurance.


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Q: What is the purpose of mandating gun insurance?

Required insurance for guns or gun owners should be designed to provide benefits for victims of gun accidents or violence. Insurers will automatically take appropriate steps to encourage gun safety as part of their loss control and underwriting activities. <More>

Q: What specifically would be the best insurance system for guns?

Each state should adopt a system of no-fault insurance with a system of delivering medical and cash benefits directly to victims. This insurance should be required to be in place for any firearm brought into or kept in the state in order for that firearm to be legal. It should provide all of the benefits available to victims of motor vehicle or workplace injuries.

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Mandatory Gun Insurance in other countries

If you have information especially links to English translations of gun laws in other countries please send them to me.  ( or make a comment to this post.  I have found some information about insurance of 100,000 euros being required in Portugal.  In Germany the amount is one million euros and the law (link to German Weapons Law)  says:

Section 4
Requirements for a licence

(1) In order to be granted a licence, applicants shall

1. be at least 18 years of age (Section 2 (1)),

2. have the necessary reliability (Section 5) and personal aptitude (Section 6),

3. demonstrate the necessary specialized knowledge (Section 7),

4. demonstrate a need (Section 8), and

5. enclose proof of liability insurance cover of one million euros for personal injury and property damage when applying for a weapons licence or shooting licence.